lundi 6 octobre 2014

Reminiscent of human Nukiatamakoromo figure

I have the four legs to the upper body of the polyhedron type characteristic. Appeared in Blue Island mountainous areas and migration to the reinforcement morphology in response to the arrow in the example immediately after the appearance. All high elongation, it is five feet is increased. To have a means of attack, such as emitting a beam from the lens-shaped region in each vertex of the polyhedron, but was defeated in a short period of time by the final operation of vivid green.

Figure to swallow the black cavalry Rei, which has been isolated in the same facility, appeared in the defense forces commander insiders "crow" was transformed - huge by absorbing all the power of arrows remaining. While emits a high output beam enough to appear with the location of Odaiba park of current breaks through the building, annihilate the naval fleet in the volley of once, was started to move to the Blue Island by air.

Its silhouette is reminiscent of human Nukiatamakoromo figure with wings of four pairs, but there is no part that hits the head, I'm floating core of variants, such as the eyeball in place while emitting light of the cross-shaped. On having the Kyoku over the significantly alone so far, are entirely full of energy of opposite phase to the Vivid system, tightening said to workarounds, no by a Kenjiro, even with the full capacity of the pallet suit.

Mass bombing of SGE warhead is decisive action by the defense forces in response to the words, but does not receive a scratch only the epidermis also wrapped in fireball as ranging stratosphere, it'll show to play instantly. Can not afford to stop by anyone anymore, the Arctic will reach the vision engine soon. Absorb energy, while causing a blackout of the world scale, you begin to huge further. But, Akane who learned that Rei is still alive in the body, unite regained hope. I will try the resistance of the last continuous use of the final operation Vivid Yellow, Green, Blue by.

Tactics to be critical the vivid engine one after another in the energy supply from the vision engine continue to fall is the bet of suicide, but performance that Vivid system has exceeded even the prediction of Kenjiro by strong I swear the rescue. Part of the outer shell is broken at last, Akane to enter into the body. Immediately after, the docking operation of the fourth was born from contact with Rei and Akane "Vivid Red" release the power of non-standard. Body that did not repel even SGE warhead is destroyed from the inside under the blow. But, the core of the eyeball like the remaining rapidly absorbed the energy of the vision engine.

The stored power enough to destroy the universe, take on someone for one-to-one to the vivid red. But lost in front of the overwhelming power of the final operation, the core is completely destroyed. I ceased to exist along with the death throes.